Villa lo Sguardo-Intimate villa with a panoramic view of Florence

Beautiful villa nestled in the Florentine hillside. Perfect for small wedding ceremonies of no more than 20-30people. The villa sleeps 13 people with ensuite bathrooms. The property has a whirlpool and a small dipping pool.

Castello del Sogno - Tuscan Wine Estate in Chianti

The castle's history dates back to 1210, when the Counts Alberti of Certaldo built Caput Aulae at the center of the Val d'Elsa, later transforming it into an elegant country mansion.

Castello del Sogno is the ideal spot to create the perfect backdrop for an exclusive rental or a Tuscan wedding. Luxurious facilities complement the private villa, including a private secluded swimming pool, a consecrated chapel, a 13th century tower and breathtaking views of the surrounding Tuscan countryside.

The castle has a butler, a cook, and a restaurant within walking distance. During your stay your guests can enjoy a nice dip in the pool while overlooking the properties vineyards.

Villa le Piazzole - Florentine Wine Estate

Villa Le Piazzole is the ideal location for parties, weddings and ceremonies, thanks to its proximity to the city centre, while enjoying an outstanding setting in the unspoiled nature of the Tuscan hills, immersed in vineyards and olive groves. As a perfect complement to the historic Villa, for centuries the residence of noble families, there is a rare formal Italian garden enriched by original statues, a perfectly restored aristocratic chapel and a swimming pool with large convivial spaces to enjoy the spectacular view of the surrounding hills. Contact us today for your Villa le Piazzole wedding.

Villa Grabau - Neoclassical villa near Lucca

You can organize your civil wedding ceremony in the secluded Box Hedge Theatre, or plunged in the emerald scenery of its English garden, or set the stage in the Lemon garden’s amphitheatre. Villa Grabau is a stunning neoclassical style villa on the hillside around Lucca. It’s massive gardens, beautiful interiors and whimsical lemon house makes in the backdrop for any Bus
At Villa Grabau, that day, you will be the protagonist, leaving your guests with the memory of an unforgettable ceremony. Guests can stay next door at a bed and breakfast adjacent to the property.

Villa Verde- Wedding Villa in Lucca

Villa Verde is a stunning venue close to Lucca. It is perfect for a wedding party of 50-100 people. It has a lovely banquet hall to fit the entire wedding party in case of rain.

Villa Mezzanotte-Medici Villa in Chianti

This Medici Villa is perfect for couples looking to make a statement. Located in Chianti wine district of Florence, the venue can fit 80-150 people.

Villa Rosa-Luxury and Exclusive Villa in Florence

The luxurious villa is nestled into the Florentine view, leaving guests with breathtaking views of the city. The villa was recently restored to protection and is a masterpiece inside and out. The venue has rooms on site and partial rental is available. Ideal for weddings of 20-60 guests.

Villa Serenità-peaceful villa between Florence and Arezzo

This panoramic villa is located between Florence and Arezzo. The villa is perched high upon a hill making leaving it with spectacular views of the Tuscan countryside from every angle. The venue has rooms on site. This venue is perfect for wedding parties of 30-50 people.

Villa Luna- Wedding hamlet 

After staying at this stunning wedding hamlet in Chianti you'll never want to go home. The property sleeps about 30 people and has a pool, pizza oven, and ballroom. There are other properties nearby to accomodate remaining guests. Minimum rental of 4 nights is required. This venue is perfect for wedding parties of 30-100 people.

Villa San Leo

This classical villa is only 15 km from Florence and has breathtaking views of the Tuscan landscape. This venue is perfect for groups of no more than 100.

Villa Tramonto - Beautiful 17th century villa near Siena

This venue dates back to the 1500s but present style owes to its restoration during the 17th century. The terracotta statues, geometrically cut box hedges and garden features make it a theatrical experiences with so many different environs that one forgets they are at the same villa after turning the corner. This venue is perfect for guests of up to 100. Guests rooms are available onsite and the venue has a pool.

Villa Alba - Historical Villa with pool in Chianti

Beautiful venue and historic villa in Chianti with pool and sleeping rooms on site.

Villa Conchiglia - Splendid Renaissance venue near Arezzo

This stunning venue near Arezzo was masterfully restored in 2011. The venue has spectacular galleries, halls, and gardens. The venue has sleeping rooms onsite.

Villa Imperiale - Medici Villa with beautiful 360° views

This stunning venue is located only 30 minutes from Florence. Villa Imperiale has halls perfect for large wedding parties of up to 500 people. There are sleeping arrangements onsite and a pool.

Villa Gamberaia- stunning Renaissance villa near Florence

A breathtaking venue nestled in the Florentine hills. Villa Gamberaia has spectacular views and is a UNESCO world heritage site. This venue is perfect for wedding parties of 30-80 guests. Small groups can sleep on the property.

Villa Rita- Impressive wine estate in Chianti

Villa Rita is at the center of Tuscany's wine country, Chianti. Perched on top of a hill the venue offers breathtaking views of vineyards and olive groves.

Villa Ventoso - Intimate Renaissance Villa in Chianti

Villa Ventoso is an intimate renaissance villa close in the Chianti district of Tuscany. Villa Ventoso has a stunning porches and gardens line with cypress trees. This venue is perfect for 30-100 guests.

Villa Medicea di Lilliano- Chic wine estate close to Florence

This stunning villa is just outside of Florence, nestled in the picturesque hillside. Lilliano has recently been renovated and has stunning lodging and decor throughout while keeping the integrity of the beautiful Tuscan landscape. This venue is ideal for intimate small weddings or large weddings of up to 200 guests.

Villa Reale-Regal estate near Lucca

Villa Reale is a stunning estate just north of Lucca. The property has a chapel on site. This property is for large weddings of up to 400 people. Villa Reale has accommodation on site with a pool.

Villa il Castello - stunning villa overlooking Florence

This picturesque venue overlooks the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence. Villa il Castello has several terraces where your guests can enjoy stunning views of the city but enjoy the quietness of the Tuscan landscape. This venue has accommodations and a pool onsite.

Villa della Pergola - Elegant estate near Siena

This stunning villa was one of the first stately homes to open its doors and welcome guests to its splendid aristocratic universe of nine centuries of history, art and culture. An enchanted Renaissance Borgo or village estate, set like a jewel among gently rolling hills, lush vineyards and age-old woods climbing over the Chianti hills near Siena. This venue has accommodations on site, a pool, and a spa.

Villa La Colombaia

The majestic Villa La Colombaia is situated on a terrace on top of a hill. Its design has been attributed to Michelangelo Buonarroti. Accessed through a cypress lined avenue, the villa stands amidst a garden built on two levels: the first is an enormous green encircled by oaks, chestnuts and cypress trees dating back to the XIX century; the second terrace is an “Italian” garden, with square flower beds and lemon vases.