Our Wedding Planning Team


A Florentine Okie, Jill is our head wedding consultant.  Jill has planned events in Tuscany and other European countries, including UK, Czech Republic, Austria and Germany since 2008. She got the idea to start planning weddings when she planned her own wedding in 2006.  Jill is extremely creative and dedicated to making your wedding dreams come true. All of our mood boards are created by her.

Meet Michele, our “green consultant”.  He works closely with florists and gardeners to create the perfect atmosphere for your special day.  Michele has been with Tuscan Wedding since the beginning.  Michele is a registered Doctor of Forestry.  He has worked on projects in London, Brno-Czech Republic, Genoa, Florence, Rome, Trieste, and many more. 

Meet Sabrina, our intern.  Sabrina is a native of Hamburg, Germany and a graduate of the world renowned Think Global School.  Sabrina helps us with our social media, designs, and logistics.  Sabrina has lived all over the world and has participated in events and activities with government officials, world leaders and celebrities.  We are very lucky to have her on our team.  


Tuscan Wedding

Florence, Italy and Wilmington, NC