romantic same sex ceremony in Italy

Same-Sex Weddings in Tuscany

You've seen Master on None, Under the Tuscan Sun, and one or two of the other hundreds of movies filmed in Tuscany...  Maybe you and your partner toured in Italy and it was so amazing and special you dreamed about saying 'I do' in a field of sunflowers.  Then your heart sinks---Does Italy allow same-sex unions?


The answer to this questions is---yes... As of April 2014 Same-Sex civil unions are now allowed in Italy.  Here are a few tips! 

Civil Unions are similar to marriages with a few exceptions---depending on the town hall---other documents may be necessary.  However, in most cases, same-sex couple have the same documentation as other hetero couples who wish to marry in a civil ceremony---with the exception that they must meet at city hall at least 15 days before the ceremony is to take place.  This exception may change at any time, so make sure to contact of is you are thinking about this option for your nuptials.


Civil ceremonies can only be done at designated sites preassigned by the town hall.  Some villas don't have the possibility to civilly marry a couple and the couple chooses to marry back in their home country or earlier in the day at town hall.  Some venues have agreements with city hall to perform a legally binding ceremony on site.  If you are interested in a venue like this please contact us. 

If you aren't concerned about 'the where' you are legally married---but want to celebrate your wedding with family and friends in Tuscany---one can always get married at their local town hall and celebrate a symbolic ceremony with one of our lovely officiants here in Tuscany. The main rules to be able to get married in Italy are:

So you don't care about the bureaucracy and you want to get married in Italy---what documents do you need for a same-sex union?

  • Both of you will have to be either single, legally divorced or widowed.

  • you cannot be related by first or second degree: brother/sister, father/daughter, or mother/son or brother/cousin. NOT EVEN IF the relationship is from an ADOPTION (without legal recognition).

  • You must be in Italy at least 15 days before! 

What documentation do I need to have my same-sex ceremony?

If none of you are Italian or residents of Italy, bans are waived and you just need the authorization (usually called a NULLA OSTA)  issued by a consular of foreign authority in Italy (for some nationalities, a consul’s signature shall be legalized by the prefecture).

The legalization is not requested for the following countries (it may apply to some others, please consider the following list as a refernce, contact us for confirmation even if your nationality is not listed): Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, UK (including the Isle of Man), Greece, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Norway, Holland (including the Netherlands, Antilles and Aruba), Portugal, the Czech Republic, the San Marino Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, and Hungary. Alternatively, you need the authorization of a competent foreign authority, confirmed by the Italian Embassy or Consulate.

The authorization shall attest that there are no impediments to the marriage. It also shall include the following data: name, surname, date and place of birth, residency, nationality, marital status, paternity and maternity (full names of the parents), and a birth certificate (when maternity or paternity are not provided on the authorization).

Some countries will need other documents on top of the Nulla Osta, as mentioned above, i.e. USA citizens and AUSTRALIAN Citizens (contact us about this).

Other nationalities will require the couple to meet the consulate in person, you may need to schedule extra time to visit consulates in Rome or Milan.  

Now if you still have the will after reading this short blog article please contact us so we can start planning your destination wedding in Tuscany!