F+E Boho Fabulous Fall Tuscan Wedding


F and E were hands down the funnest couple this year. They were down for the party from the very beginning—this, mixed with their excellent taste, made it one of the most unique and memorable weddings I’ve ever planned.

How they met

F after a night partying on the town was walking down high street with some friends when she spotted a cute guy hanging out on the side of the street. She went up to him…one thing lead to another and a first kiss followed. It must have been electrifying because the two have been inseparable for the last 10 years. F’s Italian heritage and E’s taste for all things Italian made Tuscany their choice to tie the knot.

The venue

F and E chose villa di Maiano for their ceremony. Originally they wanted a farmhouse venue where guests could sleep and their festivities could continue throughout the week…but one look at the stunning Renaissance revival venue overlooking Florence and they were in love. The beautiful thing about Villa di Maiano is its rustic charme and its size. Their are literally so many environs that one doesn’t know where to start. I love wedding venues that set a stage and progress throughout the festivities. This venue definitely fits the bill.


The Dress

The dress was made by Nepalese/English designer Sanyukta Shrestha. She is dedicated to ethical designs, in fact her motto is “Love green-believe in ethics”…this fits perfectly with our goals at Tuscan Wedding. The dress flattered F’s full figured bust in antique white. Her look was complemented with a stunning pair of rhinestoned chandelier earrings by Christie Nicolaides. Sophia Webster designed her gold healed slippers. The look was classic, elegant and boho at the same time.

The Groom

I don’t normally post about the groom’s clothing but E was styling with his deep blue suit with gilet by Edit suites. He complemented the look with a brown pair of leather shoes by Loake, a blush patterned tie, and floral motif pocket square. I give it 5 stars!! Groom’s normally rent suits and this is a huge mistake. A bride may wear her dress only once but a groom can wear a nice suit for years to come. Baggy rented suits = bad ; nice tailored custom suits = good.

The Wedding Party

The Bridal party wore sleek and elegant black gowns with gold accented jewelry. Her cute flower girls…that’s right she had more than one… wore beautiful white dresses and olive branch crowns. The groomsmen wore charcoal suits with grey linen ties.

The Wedding

It’s not a surprise that F and E had tons of family and friends travel from all corners of the earth. I loved the fact that everyone had a relationship with the bride and groom. Sometimes you get random relatives that just show up but this wasn’t the case. Everyone there definitely wanted to be there and F and E made them feel special for being there. Our original plan was to have the ceremony in the villa’s olive grove…overlooking the city—quite an otherworldly scene— but fate had another plan for us that day. It rained and rained the entire day…at the last minute we decided to move the ceremony indoors to the villa’s lemon house. I have to say that this is a special spot. The windows overlook the Italian garden which overlook the city. The rustic walls and windows gave it that boho chic mood F and E were looking for. F called me that morning and asked if we could move the lights for the dinner into the lemon house to give it a magical feel…I have to admit I was a bit dubious but in the end it was stunning. Sabrina and I lit candles throughout the lemon house and placed loose greenery at the front of the room. The villa had beautiful chairs which helped tie the look together. Even though the weather was poor it was still quite warm and a gentle breeze swept through the room. F walked down to a Beatle’s song which fit her personality to a tee. M, F and E’s close friend, conducted the ceremony—it was funny, it was moving, it was emotional and it was perfect! It wasn’t what we originally planned but in the end it really was the best plan.

The Wedding Dinner

My plans for an epic imperial table on the villa’s terrace overlooking Florence were foiled due to the poor rainy weather. We had to go with plan B and move the dinner inside to the villa’s stunning ballroom. The bride’s brother kept the guests in stitches with his wise cracks about the couple throughout the evening. One of my favorite moments was when the groom and the bride’s brother appeared at the top of the room’s balcony and saluted the guests. E’s heartfelt toast to his bride brought a few tears to my eyes…not an easy feat.

Each guest sat at a table with various Florentine monuments. Guests enjoyed caccio e pepe and pasta al pomodoro served family style for the pasta course and beef tagliata, salad and potatoes for the meat course. It was a truly Florentine night.

The Cake

The cake was its own show stopper. I put top priority on food quality and loved to find out that E and F felt the same way. On one of their visits we had brunch at Giorgio Pasticceria in Florence and I had them taste Giorgio’s famous mille foglie cake. Some of Giorgio’s recipes are so secret that only one person knows them…when they are made everyone must leave the kitchen while the chef, Massimo, prepares them. Massimo went above and beyond with this 3 tiered beauty, filled with custard and topped with fresh berries. I finished the look by placing white roses on the various tiers. Needless to say not even a crumb remained after the guests feasted on this delicious masterpiece.


The After Party

What and epic after party. The couple hired Alma Project for their amazing music and lighting service. A sax called all of the guests onto the dance floor from the ballroom. Guests walked into a stellar DJ, amazing lighting and a sax and drum player playing along to the music. Literally everyone was on the dance floor. The party went into the wee hours of the night. A perfect ending to a perfect day.


Wedding Planner: Tuscan Wedding by Jill Romanelli

Photographer: Blushbyb

Bride’s Dress: Sanyukta Shrestha

Bride’s Shoes: Sophia Webster

Venue: Villa di Maiano

Catering: Golden Catering of Italy

Stationary: Tuscan Wedding by Jill Romanelli

Flowers: Violamalva and Tuscan Wedding by Jill Romanelli

Hair and Make-up: Pamela Leti

J+F civil wedding overlooking Florence


What can I say about this couple—-they were the cutest! A+K decided on early summer to marry in a symbolic ceremony at Borgo di Petrognano in Chiantishire. The couple wanted a small and intimate ceremony only inviting their closest friends and family.

The venue

A & K chose Borgo di Petrognano in Chiantishire for their May nuptials. They wanted something intimate, and in the countryside yet polished. Borgo di Petrognano sits atop a hillside overlooking the rolling hills of Chianti and the medieval towers of San Gimignano. The venue was once part of a city wall for the abandoned town of Semifonte.


The Dress

The dress was made my a local seamstress in Hong Kong. The cocktail length gown with a toile outer bodice had beautiful embroidered flowers and stars. It really complemented A’s petite figure and bubbly personality. The look was topped off with a pair of Venilla Suite shoes in antique blush

The Wedding Party

The Bridal party was clothed in light and airy olive coloured chiffon gowns. The groomsmen wore smart black suits and ties….the groom—being very stylish wore a bow tie complemented with an olive and blush coloured David Austin rose.

The Wedding

A and K chose to invite only their closest friends and family—- they wanted it to be intimate and relaxed..it was. Andrea Piana from Tuscan Pledges organised a beautiful symbolic wedding ceremony overlooking the Chianti countryside. The couple passed their rings around for friends and family to warm them and share their wishes for the future.

The Wedding Dinner

This was almost as important as the wedding ceremony for A & K. They decided on a formal dinner on Borgo di Petrognano’s beautiful terrace overlooking the Tuscan countryside. Guests admired the rolling hills and the outline of the medieval town of San Gimignano as the sun set behind them. The tables were elegantly dresses with white chiffon runners and filled with candles. Tuscan Wedding made special bespoke menus for the couple complete with a rose gold custom wax seal with the couple’s initials. The menus were closed within a grey sleeve. Olive branches and David Austin roses were laid out on top of the chiffon runners. A vase was placed at the head table for the bride to admire and enjoy her bouquet throughout the evening. The wedding guests enjoyed a delicious typical 5 course Tuscan meal. K even wanted all the guests to try Florentine tripe…and it was a hit. Guests enjoyed other local delicacies on white Ginori plates and rose gold utensils.

The Cake

Despite my best efforts to convince the couple to go with a Tiramisu cake from Giorgio Pasticceria in Florence—- they chose a traditional Italian Crostata filled with custard and topped with delicious fresh berries. The cake cutting was illuminated with bistro lights and sparklers. Afterwards the guests danced the night away overlooking the countryside.


Wedding Planner: Tuscan Wedding by Jill Romanelli

Photographer: Gabriele Fani

Bride’s Shoes: Venilla Suite

Venue: Borgo di Petrognano

Catering: Golden Catering of Italy

Stationary: Tuscan Wedding by Jill Romanelli

Flowers: Tuscan Wedding by Jill Romanelli

Hair and Make-up: Pamela Leti

Mood Board: Mediterranaea


Foliage on tables is very ‘in’ lately but why not give it a little pop of color—- what better color than orange. First of all it’s incredibly complimentary to green and secondly they channel a slew of Mediterranean plants—-i.e. pomegranate, oranges, and other beautiful flowers. If you want to add a bit more depth to your greenery you can go outside of the mediterranean and include some lovely eucalyptus branches. Enjoy!

Mood Board: Chianti in Autumn Part 1


We love Pinterest as much as the next person—-well I love it. I find myself spending hours and hours on it. I’ve created a mood board through one of my hobbies—hanging out on Pinterest—-hoping one lucky couple will choose it! This look was inspired by the earthy tones of early Chianti fall—-the olive picking, the leaves just start to turn, the fluffy fall clouds, the grey of the beautiful Pietra Serena… This is the epitome of Chianti…rustic yet neat and elegant…earthy yet formed by some other hand hundreds of years before us. Artisanal touches include hand made place cards with bronze wax stamps on handmade paper. Can you tell I am just waiting for a bride and groom to pick this look for their Tuscan Wedding…? Enjoy

Same-Sex Weddings in Tuscany

You've seen Master on None, Under the Tuscan Sun, and one or two of the other hundreds of movies filmed in Tuscany...  Maybe you and your partner toured in Italy and it was so amazing and special you dreamed about saying 'I do' in a field of sunflowers.  Then your heart sinks---Does Italy allow same-sex unions?


The answer to this questions is---yes... As of April 2014 Same-Sex civil unions are now allowed in Italy.  Here are a few tips! 

Civil Unions are similar to marriages with a few exceptions---depending on the town hall---other documents may be necessary.  However, in most cases, same-sex couple have the same documentation as other hetero couples who wish to marry in a civil ceremony---with the exception that they must meet at city hall at least 15 days before the ceremony is to take place.  This exception may change at any time, so make sure to contact of is you are thinking about this option for your nuptials.


Civil ceremonies can only be done at designated sites preassigned by the town hall.  Some villas don't have the possibility to civilly marry a couple and the couple chooses to marry back in their home country or earlier in the day at town hall.  Some venues have agreements with city hall to perform a legally binding ceremony on site.  If you are interested in a venue like this please contact us. 

If you aren't concerned about 'the where' you are legally married---but want to celebrate your wedding with family and friends in Tuscany---one can always get married at their local town hall and celebrate a symbolic ceremony with one of our lovely officiants here in Tuscany. The main rules to be able to get married in Italy are:

So you don't care about the bureaucracy and you want to get married in Italy---what documents do you need for a same-sex union?

  • Both of you will have to be either single, legally divorced or widowed.

  • you cannot be related by first or second degree: brother/sister, father/daughter, or mother/son or brother/cousin. NOT EVEN IF the relationship is from an ADOPTION (without legal recognition).

  • You must be in Italy at least 15 days before! 

What documentation do I need to have my same-sex ceremony?

If none of you are Italian or residents of Italy, bans are waived and you just need the authorization (usually called a NULLA OSTA)  issued by a consular of foreign authority in Italy (for some nationalities, a consul’s signature shall be legalized by the prefecture).

The legalization is not requested for the following countries (it may apply to some others, please consider the following list as a refernce, contact us for confirmation even if your nationality is not listed): Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, UK (including the Isle of Man), Greece, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Norway, Holland (including the Netherlands, Antilles and Aruba), Portugal, the Czech Republic, the San Marino Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, and Hungary. Alternatively, you need the authorization of a competent foreign authority, confirmed by the Italian Embassy or Consulate.

The authorization shall attest that there are no impediments to the marriage. It also shall include the following data: name, surname, date and place of birth, residency, nationality, marital status, paternity and maternity (full names of the parents), and a birth certificate (when maternity or paternity are not provided on the authorization).

Some countries will need other documents on top of the Nulla Osta, as mentioned above, i.e. USA citizens and AUSTRALIAN Citizens (contact us about this).

Other nationalities will require the couple to meet the consulate in person, you may need to schedule extra time to visit consulates in Rome or Milan.  

Now if you still have the will after reading this short blog article please contact us so we can start planning your destination wedding in Tuscany!  info@tuscanwedding.com

Wedding Photography Checklist

I am not a wedding photographer, but I am a wedding planner.  I started the list for myself as I've wanted to seriously yell at wedding photographers over the years for missing special moments.  Let's be honest, wedding can be hectic and the happy couple can get distracted.  This is why I made a checklist so you don't miss a single detail of your special day! Print these pages out and give them to your wedding photographer or wedding planner.


FAQ: Where can I get legally married in Italy

Getting legally married in Italy can be a bit of an Odyssey.  What may seem obvious in your country isn't so in Italy.  The most obvious answer is to choose a lovely city hall, follow directions, and set a date. You will have to pay a fee to the municipality that is normally around €400.  Some more famous city halls, such as Florence's Palazzo Vecchio can cost thousands of euro for a ceremony lasting about 15 minutes---but come on, it's Palazzo Vecchio.  

Florence's City Hall, Palazzo Vecchio

Florence's City Hall, Palazzo Vecchio

The red room inside of Palazzo Vecchio

The red room inside of Palazzo Vecchio

Another option is to legally marry directly at the venue of your choice---there is a catch.  Not all venues are authorised for legally binding ceremonies.  The ceremony is still performed by an official from the municipality in which the venue is geographically located and the venue has to be registered to do so.  Make sure you check with your wedding planner or with the venue directly to guarantee this type of ceremony is possible which will help avoid disappointment later on.  You will have to pay an extra fee to the venue, similar to that of the municipality in order to legally marry at your chosen venue.

Get married at your preferred venue

Get married at your preferred venue

Same-sex unions have been legal since 2016 in Italy and the procedure is the same as above.  

Lettuce Delight

One of my husband and I's favourite pastimes is to drive through the countryside at the weekend! I guess you could call us Sunday Drivers.  I always find it a delight to see the family 'orti' or vegetable gardens nestled between the acres and acres of vineyards.  We sometimes pop into a local  trattoria and enjoy some yummy treats from those same gardens I had admired earlier. Leafy and green is in this year and we thought ...what better way than with leafy greens, while also honouring local Tuscan spirit and tradition.  Our centre piece has been made use organic vegetables bought fresh from the market this morning---and are all fruits of the season! Enjoy our centrepiece created from the Tuscan orto! 


Delicious Wedding Favours!

We aren't talking about Nutella---we are talking about 100% natural and organic hazelnut, pistachios, and chocolate ground down to perfection---it's so good it's almost sinful! Your guests won't soon forget.  Made not only in Italy but in Tuscany. Contact us today to get your personalised treats for your wedding favours.  Avaliable exclusively at Tuscan Wedding events.