Lettuce Delight

One of my husband and I's favourite pastimes is to drive through the countryside at the weekend! I guess you could call us Sunday Drivers.  I always find it a delight to see the family 'orti' or vegetable gardens nestled between the acres and acres of vineyards.  We sometimes pop into a local  trattoria and enjoy some yummy treats from those same gardens I had admired earlier. Leafy and green is in this year and we thought ...what better way than with leafy greens, while also honouring local Tuscan spirit and tradition.  Our centre piece has been made use organic vegetables bought fresh from the market this morning---and are all fruits of the season! Enjoy our centrepiece created from the Tuscan orto! 


Delicious Wedding Favours!

We aren't talking about Nutella---we are talking about 100% natural and organic hazelnut, pistachios, and chocolate ground down to perfection---it's so good it's almost sinful! Your guests won't soon forget.  Made not only in Italy but in Tuscany. Contact us today to get your personalised treats for your wedding favours.  Avaliable exclusively at Tuscan Wedding events.